Licensing music

How to License Music

Applying for your Production Music licence online couldn’t be easier, simply follow these steps:

Music details

Make sure that you keep a record of:

Production details

Please ensure that you make notes of all of the production details as you go, especially:

Licence details

It is also important to collect the information you will require to select the correct type of
licence, for example:

Keeping clear and accurate records as suggested above is especially important if you are working on a number of different productions at the same time.

Aggregation of timings is not permitted under any circumstances, for example if you use a two second cue and a ten second cue these must be recorded as two separate cues.

Other important information relating to specific licence areas:


For the production of a series of adverts that only vary in the ‘end line’ (tag ending) and/or have shorter versions of a full length commercial (cut downs),  see our ‘Advert Plus’ and Campaign rates which cover these rights and more (see the MCPS Rate Card).

Television programming

A 25% reduction in fees will be applied to any programme licence that includes more than twenty 30 second units of production music in that individual programme. This will be applied directly via PRS/MCPS.

Online productions

If in doubt about the type of licence required, contact MCPS Licensing on 020 8378 7555.